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Dec 31, 2009 05:03 PM

SD: Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is coming up Jan 17-22. The website is up with participating restaurants. Not sure if its been up for awhile but I didn't see any posts about it through a search.

I checked out a few of the menus. So far the Prado caught my eye. I like what they're offering and I've always wanted to try it out.

Any places/menus catch your eye?

Here's the link to SD restaurant week

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  1. of all the restaurants in SD, Prado would be *very* far down on my list. bargain or not, the food there is mediocre at best.

    at first glance i'm all over Market, Blanca, Currant, and maybe Whisknladle, but i need to take the time to go through all the listings to see what else appeals to me.

    1. We did Whisknladle and Suite & Tender last year and enjoyed it. This year we'll probably go check out Nobu.

      If you've never been to The Prado and you're curious about it, SDRW is probably the best time to go. I'm not a fan, but you'll never know until you try for yourself.

      We use SDRW as a reason to try a new restaurant for the first time, especially places we probably wouldn't go to normally. Some we've returned to, some we decided aren't worth it for the regular menu prices. Just keep in mind that if it's a crowded/popular restaurant, the service may suffer, which may not always be the case during normal operation.

      1. I have to agree with the other posters, the Prado isn't exactly the best food in town. But it is one of the better venues - especially if you sit on the patio - and their cocktails are pretty nice.

        I haven't done RW in a couple of years, and after this holiday season, I probably should forego it as well. But...I took a look at some of the menus and the ones that caught my eye were:

        The Westgate Room (wonder if Naomi Wise's recent rave review is on target or not)
        The Grant Grill
        Avenue 5
        Suite & Tender

        Market, Roppongi and JSix also had some menu items I liked. If only I could afford the calories for all of them :-)

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          Has anyone been to Kitchen 1540? There is no menu posted on the Restaurant Week website, but the restaurant menu looks interesting.

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              Yes, I've been there twice in the past couple months, both times for lunch, not dinner, but I believe the starters are the same.

              The standout was the beet salad - although I've had many other beet salads, this one was exceptional. It was full of little yellow and red beets, cooked to perfection, with some bleu cheese and was served with some sort of nut brittle (a unique twist on similar salads that use sugary nuts). It had a great carmelized yogurt dressing. Yes, carmelized yogurt, is what I think the menu said. I don't know how they carmelize yogurt, but it was truly delicious. I loved it so much that I ordered the beets again the 2nd visit and would highly recommend this dish.

              For main lunch dishes, I had the Maine lobster salad (couldn't resist, being an east coaster. It was not the very best ever but did not disappoint because it was one of the only Maine lobster dishes I've had in SD that tasted like authentic, sweet, fresh Maine lobster). On my 2nd lunch visit, I had the Cobb salad, which was fine but not very memorable. My dining companions had the Reuben panini, which he raved over and looked delicious, and then a fish dish with fava beans (maybe halibut?), which she loved.

              All in all, we were very impressed with the high quality and fresh flavors. For lunch, the outdoor seating area on the deck is spectacular with a great view of the ocean. For dinner, when it's chillier, the indoor dining room is lovely as well - chic with good energy but not too noisy. I believe you can also request an outdoor cabana at night, which would make it extra fun. That beet salad will go down as one of my favorite dishes in '09.

              KITCHEN 1540
              1540 Camino, Del Mar Del Mar, CA

          1. Another option, if you'd like to try The Prado at a cheaper price, is to go this week during the Cohn Anniversary Week. Their restaurants have a 3 course menu for $20.10 - although you need to read the menus carefully since some menus state you share an appetizer and dessert.