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Dec 31, 2009 02:06 PM

Where to get Moegino Wafu Tivoli Tivon cookies?

My parents, who live in Hawaii, sent me a package of this for the holidays:

I read somewhere on the net that even in Japan, you have to get these from specialty stores and the internet rather than from grocery stores. I've identified an online source of something similar from the same company, but has anyone seen these in the SF Bay area?

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  1. They may be at Mitsuwa Market in San Jose/ Santa Clara as they have a pretty large specialty pastry section - if they don't have them I am sure that they can get them for you.

    1. It being Christmastime, my parents sent me another box. The product code is 4934675001542. The only US online supplier has a minimum order of $1000. Anyone actually seen these in the Bay Area?

      1. Hi, just joined to respond to your post! Yes, these cookies are here in San Francisco. You can purchase them at Nippon-ya inside the Japantown mall. They're delicious & there are many styles & box sizes of them at that shop!! Let me know when you go!!

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          @AsliOmur - thanks.
          Actually I just got back from Honolulu. The cookies are at Don Quiote, which despite the name is an Asian specialty store in Honolulu. I bought a bunch, but I was limited by airline baggage charges as to how much I could bring home, so I will definitely head over to J-town. My father still says they're a specialty item available in Honolulu only during the holidays.

          1. re: hoodsmom

            Hi! Thanks for writing back & for the tip on Don Quiote for when I'm in Honolulu. Yes! Do try Nippon-ya @ J-town. I think you'll like it. I certainly do! (^_^)