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Dec 31, 2009 01:50 PM


Does anyone out there make them anymore? I am cooking and blogging thru a Jewish Cookbook and made them...using cheesecloth but they didn't stay rolled. I know the traditional way is to use sausage casings but what a pain to stuff them!

Suggestions on how I can make it...but make it easier. It is delicious!!

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  1. You can roll them inside a piece of plastic wrap, to get the shape, by holding one hand against the elongated mass of ingredients and pulling the plastic wrap with one hand while the other hand holds the plastic wrap against the base of the mass your are rolling. A narrow flat instrument (e.g. edge of a small cutting board) will also hold the base in place while you pull to create the roll. Then, simply wrap the rolled ingredients tightly in aluminum foil and seal the ends (you can poke a few small holes in the foil along it's length if you prefer a drier kishke) as tightly as you like, depending again on the final texture you're seeking.
    You can also purchase sausage casings from most meat countes and use a sausage stuffing attachment on a meat grinder to do the job.

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