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Dec 31, 2009 11:06 AM

Any thoughts on <$25 bottle Champagne for tonight?

I'm looking to get a bottle of Champagne that is good quality, but not too expensive, and is also easily accessible. Any thoughts?


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  1. Roderer Estate is my go-to $20-25 choice (has a brown label), technically a sparkling wine since friom California. I love it and would just as soon have it as (almost) anything.

    1. Hey there, consider thinking outside the "box"...or France perhaps. Lots of great value sparkling wines that are much "cheaper" (better value actually) than a lot of the high end sparkling wine from France (champagne) I am a big fan of Prosecco, the "champagne" of Italy. Lots of good producers that are in the 15-20$ (and that is CAN money!) Also think about spanish CAVA - same idea. I recently drank a Rose Prosecco from Cesarini Winery from the local store - very tasty, festive and liked by all...Ask at your favorite wine store.

      You will like find a Wolf Blass Yellow label sparkling wine from Aus which is quite nice and good value. Not as much "cool" factor as say something from Italy...

      1. I second the cava suggestion. There are a lot of good bottles at a reasonable price.

        1. So tell us what you ended up with and how did it work out?!

          1. there may not be any <$25 Champagnes. There are plenty of <$25 sparkling wines: sparling wines from Alsace (Lucien Albrecht comes to mind), sparkling vouvray, cava, prosecco. Thre are several US sparklers for <$25 including the referenced Roederer.

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              We gave the Roederer as part of our employee gift bags this year, and bought some proseccos and several Cristalino Cava Brut to have around over the holidays. I think the Cristalino is an incredible bargain.

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                I agree, the Cristalino Cava Brut is a great value - I buy it by the case. I also like the Cristalino Cava Rose, it looks so pretty in the glass.