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Dec 31, 2009 10:45 AM

Short time in NYC coming up-recommendations, please

Just booked last minute trip to NY. Arriving Friday, Jan 8 in time for lunch and leaving Sunday around 330p.
Plan to go to theater either Friday or Saturday night but will be 90 minute, no intermission so could do a late dinner (Bernard-Jacobs Theater).
Food is the key. Prefer smaller, intimate neighborhood restaurants but open to anything. Don't like ornate, heavy dining rooms and don't really want a 3-4 hour tasting menu. However, price is not an issue. Like all cuisines, especially Italian. Prefer lighter over heavy. Desserts are not an interest at all but like a nice wine or saki list. Tried to get into Lupe on recommendation and may do for lunch though dinner looks doubtful. Some other recommendations from friends were Chiyona, Cafe Cluny, Momofuka Noodle.
Coming from Atlanta where some of our favorites are Shaun's, Rathbuns, Sotto Sotto, Holeman and Finch.
I did review several recent posts but am having a hard time getting a handle on the best plan and would appreciate any advice.

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  1. Try Becco in Midtown, when heading to the theatre. Very cute, cozy spot with great food. Besides their menu offerings, Becco offers an all you can eat three-pasta special every day that is to die for, as a nice change of pace. Becco's perfect for a late dinner. I did the same with friends a few years ago after a show and we loved it. Steaks are great there, too. And prices are pretty reasonable.

    355 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10010

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      Please don't go to Becco. And "cute, cozy" are the last two terms NYers would use to describe that bustling, loud restaurant. There are better Italian places, even in the general theatre district. Try Trattoria Trecolori, for one.

      Also, you don't say which neighborhood(s), other than the theatre, that you'll be in. That would help outline choices a great deal.

    2. Oh, and prefer casual and there will be two of us and do not mind bar seating for lunch or dinnner

      1. Orso is my favorite for after-theater. It is upscale casual and has a nice buzz but is never loud, and the food and service are excellent. I agree with LNG212's post above that Becco is best skipped. For a late dinner outside the theater district, I would suggest Degustation. It is all small plates so you can order as little or as much as you like, though the tasting menus are a great deal. You are served at a counter, in the style of a sushi bar, and it is fun to watch the food being prepared in front of you.