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Dec 31, 2009 10:07 AM

official tootsie roll company kosher list

here is from the ou items that are kosher

Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Brand Name: Crows
Product(s): Licorice Crows, OU
Brand Name: Dots
Product(s): Banana Dots- Yogurt, OU
Blueberry Dots- Flag, OU
Cherry Dots- Christmas, OU
Grape Sour Dots- Sours, OU
Island Nectar Dots, OU
Lemon Sour Dots-Sour, OU
Lime Dots- Hlwn-Ghost, OU
Orange Sour Dots-Sours, OU
Vanilla Dots- Flag, OU
Wild Mango Dots, OU

Brand Name: Flavor Roll
Product(s): Cherry, OU-D
Lemon, OU-D
Lime, OU-D
Orange, OU-D
Vanilla, OU-D

Brand Name: Frooties
Product(s): Cran Blueberry, OU-D
Green Apple, OU-D
Sour Grape, OU-D
Strawberry Lemonade, OU-D

Brand Name: Fruit Roll
Product(s): Blue Raspberry, OU-D
Grape, OU-D
Lime, OU-D

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  1. Your post has made me one happy woman !!! Thanks for the post.

    1. Just to be clear, Are these kosher as of now, without the need for the ou on the package, or is this what is going to be kosher once an ou is on the packaging?

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      1. re: seikoloco

        Also, notice that Tootsie Rolls are absent from the list. Elsewhere on the OU site is a statement that Toosie Rolls are under the OU, but they're not on the OU list.

        1. re: ganeden

          i got the list from here
          this is on their site under search
          Product D/P/M Brand Category More Info
          Vegetable Oil Bulk Label #198 Pareve Tootsie Roll Oils & Shortenings
          Chocolate Tootsie Roll Dairy Tootsie Roll Candy and Chocolate
          Sugar/Corn Syrup Blend Pareve Tootsie Roll Syrups

          1. re: ganeden

            For what it's worth, I spoke w/ an official OU kashrus spokesperson (rabbi) this weekend who confirmed to me that regular tootsie rolls are kosher now without the need to wait until the new packaging.

        2. what about tootsie roll pops ????

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          1. re: caterman

            according to kosher eye
            "And last “licks” from our interview:

            Coming soon: Tootsie Roll Industries is going to “pop" another big kosher surprise!"

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              Well, it's been 10 months since your mention of "Tootsie Roll Industries is going to “pop" another big kosher surprise!"

              So far, the company website does NOT list any new products becoming Kosher. And guessing by the hint you were giving, I was hoping that Tootsie Pops would be the one Kosher product added...what gives?

              1. re: The Goul

                first, I copied koshereye's interview so if you have any snarky comments or complaints to make, you should direct it at them. Second, some tootsie pops have become kosher certified-I saw a box of these ( at the candy expo with the OU. The rest of the tootsie lollipops will be come kosher-they are made at different factories and all factories are not kosher certified yet. The reason why there is no announcement is that they are waiting for that to happen. They do not want to announce they are kosher and for people to buy ones without the OU. The reason why tootsie rolls were announced and there was no need for a hasgacha on the package is b/c they were all made in 1 place that was kosher certified .

                1. re: koshergourmetmart

                  No, didn't mean to be "snarky" at all, sorry if I came across that way...thanks so much for the update. You just seemed to be "in the know" so I was only "hoping" you had the latest info for us "commoners." Glad to see these wild berry pops are kosher...I guess I'll hold onto these "regular" pops that someone in my office gave me and wait for the "all-kosher" signal. Thanks again!

                  1. re: The Goul

                    Be aware I have seen boxes of these pops w/o the OU so be wary

          2. The original comment has been removed