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Dec 31, 2009 08:42 AM

Restaurants in Magnolia, TX

Are there any good restaurants in Magnolia, TX? I will be there for a few days in early February and don't want to eat at my cousin's all the time (my aunt, who's now 95, used to make the best gumbo around).

Can you smoke in restaurants there?

Thank you,.

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  1. Hickory Hollow is pretty good but I have only eaten at the one in Houston. I'm assuming it's the same owner with the same food.

    About 10 miles south is Tomball and my husband says Goodson's is really good. He likes the CFS.

    1. I have no idea about smoking.

      I've also eaten at HH in Houston; it's good for CFS, burgers, I think I've had catfish there. Here's the website:

      Also the listings for restaurants on the CofC site:
      I think DIckie's is a chain; never ate at one.

      I've also heard good things about Goodson's (probably a website for that one) but never eaten there. The next big city (!) is Conroe, about the same distance to the east, with a few more non-chain options.

      1. Yuck.... Magnolia doesn't have too much to choose from. I worked out there for the last 5 years and was never impressed by anything. There are about 4 BBQ places and 10 mexican food restaurants. I advise you to drive to Mel's in Tomball for some down home country cookin. Goodson's in Tomball is also good. You will only be about 20 minutes from the Woodlands which is your best bet for good food. Pretty much anything you wish to eat can be found there.

        1. As you can tell, there won't be much in Magnolia. One CH suggested a short trip to the Woodlands, but if you go the other direction to Cypress (far NW Houston) there is a new restaurant/wine bar called D'Vine Wine Bar at highway 290 and Skinner. I stumbled across it last week, as they had just opened and thought it was fantastic. I hope the folks in the area support this new gem.