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Dec 31, 2009 07:59 AM

Where to buy salt cod (baccala)?

I've been wanting to go back to some recipes I got from the North End (Boston) Italian cookbook but haven't touched the book in a while. I need to find a local place to buy baccala. I'm in Montgomery County so a source here would be preferable, although I'm willing to drive further if necessary. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw it at Marchone's deli in Wheaton. Their phone # is 949.4150.

    It's a place well worth going to even if they don't have baccala.

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      Thank you! I called Marchone's and while they've sold out, they said that they do carry it regularly. Fortunately it's not a baccala emergency so I can wait :)

    2. I got some on Christmas eve at the Maine ave fish markets-the one on the right is where I got it. They had a lot of it.

      You could also call Balducci's on Old Georgetown. You will pay $$$ but they might have it.

      There is also an Italian deli in downtown bethesda.

      What are you making?

      1. If you are in the Baltimore area, alot of places carry it. All of the fish mongers in the markets do (eg Lexington Market, Cross Street market). I bought mine at Trinacria on the westside this year.

        IF you haven't made baccala before, here's a piece of advice from years of Christmas Eve's: use PLENTY of water to soak it. Is use the biggest stock pot I have, don't use a small bowl. Change the water frequently otherwise it can be really salty. Finally, we always cook it in milk.

        I'm making some coddies today with some leftover salted cod from the holidays. uumm.

        1. You can also get at Litteri's off Florida Avenue

          1. A&H Seafood in Bethesda:

            A&H Seafood Market
            4960 Bethesda Avenue,
            Bethesda, Maryland 20816
            (301) 986-9692 Telephone
            (301) 986-5555 Fax