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Dec 31, 2009 06:40 AM

Good brewery-type lunch in Milford or Bridgeport?

I'm furniture shopping in Milford & Bridgeport tomorrow, and we're looking for a lunch stop-off to make it a nice day out. We'd love a brewery-type thing, good beer, good sandwich/burger/etc. I guess I'm looking for a more authentic version of Southport Brewing Co., which I know is a possibility except fellow Hounders tend to say not to bother, and I trust you people with my life. Well, my stomach, anyway.

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  1. sorry so bet is to take a drive up to willimantic brewing. Good brews, good food.

    1. Closer than Willamantic, but still probably 40 minutes, is Carson's in Newington in the former Hop's location- reviewed recently (the just opened) on this board. Personally, I've found SBC to be decent. It is what it is, and if you stick to burgers and the like ( I also had a really good Cobb salad there), you'll be ok and won't break the bank.