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Dec 31, 2009 06:20 AM


HELP NEED SOMEGREAT TIPS AND MARINADES BUT CAN HAVE NO SEEDS AT ALL. I love the slow methods so what do you think? I also heard there is a membrane that must come off where is it. It weighs 3.5 so thans. Happy New Year !

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  1. There are a number of threads and a lot of information on this. You should do some searching.

      1. re: mlukan

        I agree...Alton Brown has the best oven method.

      2. I usually do 2 racks, I use a dry rub an hour or two before baking. I use 325 oven for 2 hours. The last 1/2 hour I baste with my own BBQ sauce. They are ready when you pick them up and bend in 1/2 along the bones. I never remove the membrane, too lazy. Enjoy!!!

        1. Back Ribs, unlike Spare Ribs, do not need to be slow roasted and can be cooked in less than two hours at higher temperature settings of 325-375*. There are many discussions and recipes on the subject.

          Either way, i.e., low or high heat, I'm sure your ribs will come out great.

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            I slow roasted it with a homemade sauce of mango nectar, brown sugar, ketchup, spices, little cola and they are about done and falling off the bones and they are quite yummy. Thanks for all the hints. Happy New Year!