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Dec 31, 2009 06:00 AM

warm avocado salad in shell?

Does anyone have a recipe for an avocado salad, that involves diced avocado, ham and/or shrimp, warmed through on the stove and then put back in shell? Any ideas would be great!

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  1. Try shrimp in a spicy sauce with a tiny bit of onion and lime in the avocado shell. you can use the avocado bits as garnish with additional lime and a sprig of cilantro. i would probably stir fry the shrimp with sriracha type sauce keeping it simple. just the imagination so cant give you an exact recipe.

    1. Sounds like we need a modified guacamole stuffed avocado (though i would recommend a more enticing name).

      Ingredients: purple onion, garlic cloves, green onion, shrimp (diced), cilantro, lime, thick cut smoked bacon, avocados, salt, pepper, sriacha OR cayenne and optional soy sauce OR fish sauce.

      First, let's add some nice flavor by slicing small pieces some Thick-cut applewood smoked bacon until rendered. (I would do this in a cast iron pan in the over, cold bacon in cold pan for 15-18 minutes in a 400° oven, NOT preheated.

      You can place the bacon on the side for now. Take pan out of oven and place on stove over medium heat, the pan will be hot, so do the rest carefully so as not to burn yourself.

      Add to the pan purple onion and cook til nearly translucent and then add minced garlic and diced shrimp. Cook only until the shrimp is opaque. (You could vary this and make it marginally healthier using an olive oil/veg oil mix for the saute work, but this is NYE and you want to make something your guests will flip over.)

      Hit the pan with squeezed lime and a few drops of sriracha sauce OR cayenne if you don't have access to sriracha and lime and move the pan. Taste and add more for the requisite heat level.

      Add fresh ground black pepper and salt or a touch of soy or fish sauce to taste. Taste it again and remove from stove when satisfied.

      Personally, I would then cool this mixture in the fridge and dice some nice tomatoes, cilantro and scoop and chop the avocados. If you want it warm, the consistency of the avocados and tomatoes mights change but you could follow the steps below and then bake the avocados for a few minutes to heat them through.

      Mix the (cooled) shrimp mixture lightly with the tomatoes, cilantro and avocado.

      Place shaved ice or rock salt on individual plates to keep the skin still. Fill each with the cooled mixture and garnish with some mix of thin slices of lime, cilantro, green onions or even shaved hard cheese manchego, romano etc.

      Just a thought :)