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Dec 31, 2009 05:53 AM

Pickling salt

Any good locations to find pickling salt or food grade calcium chloride in the area?

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  1. Try a beer brewing place like Modern Brewer in Cambridge.

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    1. re: cpingenot

      Walmart carries it.
      And, I'm pretty sure you could use kosher salt, but you would have to grind the kosher salt down, due to the much bigger flakes and it doesn't disolve as well when it's not gound down to a fine particle.

      1. re: janzy

        I got some at the Walmart, per Janzy's point, down in Walpole, last year..

    2. I have bought it both at Johnnie's Foodmaster and Demoula's Market Basket, both which carry a bunch of Diamond Crystal products. My last box was from Market Basket probably Chelsea, but closer to harvest season, if I recall correctly it was a 3lb box for less than $1.50. I think between the two stores you should be able to get it now. I have seen the same box at Christina's and if they don't currently have the boxes, I expect they might have a self-packaged alternative. You might also try places like BMS Paper in JP, certain True Value hardware stores carry it along with mason/ball jars, but this is more likely to be a September/October/November thing but you could at least call the Salem Street TV which tends stocks more cooking implements year round and Polcari's a bit further up the street is another possibility.

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        I was in the Whole Foods on Mystic Valley Pkway (Somerville) and they had pickling salt in the spice area..

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          BTW, I did some shopping at the Chelsea MB and Rt 16 Johnnie's recently w/o finding pickling salt at eithers. The Arlington Johnnie's sometimes has a few oddball things so at some point when I'm by there, I'll check it out. Instead of Somerville MB then, the McGrath S&S might be better (and pick up some inexpensive Portuguese sea salt, although they recently eliminated a brand I preferred). I did check out the canning area at Chelsea which snifflyfro is right in mentioning, but also note that many stores that is a seasonal thing. If you really want it right away, I'd still suggest Christina's or the Whole Foods that Grant Cook saw it, but otherwise its a pretty common item but in some cases seasonal.

        2. A lot of grocery stores have a jarring section. Sometimes it's near the baking products, sometimes other places. Typically it's hard to find, and low to the ground, but you'll find pickling salt there.

          1. I've seen it at Massis bakery in Watertown. Oddly enough, I've also seen it at the Watertown Target.