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Dec 31, 2009 05:22 AM

Dinner TONIGHT between Belmont and Northampton

We'll be driving back from a They Might Be Giants kid show in Northampton around dinnertime. Is there any place in particular you would recommend to stop along the Route 2 or Mass Pike corridor that can accommodate three grownups and an almost four-year-old?

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  1. Seeing as it will be "around dinnertime", why not just eat in Northampton? Perhaps you can pick up some suggestions from the New England board. For a fun dining experience, I would recommend Miss Florence's Diner in Northampton.

    1. You might want to stop in Shelburne Falls along Rt. 2. This is a cute little, one street town located on the banks of the Deerfield River. Bridge Street has a bunch of restaurants - notably Gypsy Apple which is fantastic. It's a small restaurant that might not be great for a child but there are other possibilities that I am less familiar, such as Ollies Down Under and Cafe Martin.

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        It will take you much longer to return if you go Rt 2. There are a lot of places to eat in Northampton. If you want to go a little out of your way down Rt 91, you could go to the Student Prince in Springfield. There's nothing like it in the Boston area. It's not too far to get back on the pike going east.

        Or what about something in Sturbridge? Oxhead Tavern is OK. The Publick House is historic. Both have fireplaces for a cold snowy night.

        Enjoy TMBG!

      2. Where did you end up having dinner?