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Dec 31, 2009 03:27 AM

What kind of yogurt for smoothie + Blender recipes

What kind of yogurt is it best to use for smoothies? I'm talking, simple smoothie, with no banana/no orange juice, as I have hypoglycemia and can't eat banana/oj!
I just want to put the frozen blueberries with yogurt and some maple syrup, blend and drink to increase my fruit intake.

I can have access to just about any kind of yogurt possible too, so no limit!

If you have any awesome smoothie recipes, please post them, I'm willing to try them all (or change some ingredients to adapt them to what I can eat)

Also, I got a brand new blender for Christmas, and was wondering, other then crushing ice and making smoothies, what other awesome thing can I make with it?

Thank you :)

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  1. I usually use whatever I've got in the fridge, wrt smoothie ingredients. As for yogurt, plain Stonyfield low fat is my usual, though I've used Fage and my own homemade. That, plus some milk (dairy, soy, almond, whatever), some fruit (berries are great and apparently you can eat them). Frozen blueberries are wonderful and there's no need to thaw. I rarely use ice and certainly never if the berries are frozen. Cocoa powder is a nice addition if you've got a compatible flavor. I sweeten with Truvia (made from stevia) which may be okay to use if you've got hypoglycemia. I've done a peanut butter smoothie, also with cocoa powder--it was not a light one in terms of calories. But berry-based ones are still my faves (good source of fiber, too!) I don't use smoothie recipes--I just add the stuff to the blender and turn it on.

    Have fun with your new blender!

    1. I think Greek yoghurt is lovely in a smoothie but also try sour cream or buttermilk (if you like those items).

      1. my favorite smoothie is fat free (or 2%) fage yogurt, chocolate flavored proten powder and frozen cherries. I usually do splash some liquid in - milk or juice - to get it going. I love the chocolate and cherry mix!

        I like to use fage because of the nutritional content, but any plain is fine - just be sure to watch the sugar content!

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          I like the flavor of the Fage too, but the 2% is a good call. Fage, and other Greek yogurts, are so delicious because the fat content is very high. If one is making smoothies for health reasons, be sure to compare the nutrition facts on different yogurts. You don't want to end up with a Jamba Juice style gut bomb.

        2. Fun!

          If you are prone to hypoglycemia, I wonder if you have tried replacing maple syrup with a sweetener (such as agave nectar) that is lower on the glycemic scale, or just eliminating it altogether. I, too, am prone to hypoglycemia and think, for my tastes, most smoothies can be made sweet enough just with the whole fruit. Sometimes, I also put a splash of Torani sugar-free syrup (I like raspberry and Almond Roca, though, not together!) in them.

          Also, if you can't have orange juice or banana, and really miss the flavors of them, you can do quite well with orange essence or orange extract and, in small quantities, banana extract. (I have more success with orange than I do with banana.) You'd also have to use silken tofu in place of the banana in recipes in recipes to replace the texture.

          I really like smoothies with Silken Tofu.

          Deborah Madison has some smoothies in her book, "This Can't Be Tofu" that I like:

          This one's my fav (replace honey with agave nectar or a splash of Torani sugar free raspberry OR Torani sugar free almond roca and eliminate the 2 drops of almond extract):


          Here's one from her Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone:

 (replace the brown sugar with agave nectar or a splash of Torani sugar-free syrup; use coconut milk, not the pineapple coconut nectar).

          And some in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (sub silken tofu+banana extract for banana):

          You can do something like this if you use unsweetened cocoa powder and agave nectar or Torani syrup along with plain soy milk:

          Another thing you can do with your blender, is an adaptation (using cocoa powder and a low-GI sweetener) is an adaptation of Alton Brown's Moo Less Chocolate Pie. I usually eliminate the crust and call it Moo Less Chocolate Mousse. You could also do a nut crust with it.


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            I'll bet you could do these "Amazing Black Bean" brownies in the blender, too:


          2. This is what I use for my diabetic FIL:

            - 1 individual serving container of flavored, artifically sweetened yogurt (like Axelrod, Light & Fit, etc... I personally like using Axelrod for this purpose because it has a more realistic consistency, despite being fat free, and maybe tastes sweeter)
            - frozen strawberries
            - frozen blueberries
            - frozen raspberries
            - a very small amount of frozen peaches
            - as much milk as you need to thin the stuff to a drinkable consistency

            To those chocolate/cocoa smoothies that others have mentioned already, I sometimes addvarious spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, even chili powder) and/or I add a tiny amount of vanilla / almond extract.

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              I do the same thing -- use sweetened yogurt and don't add any extra sweetener. I just throw in a mix of frozen and fresh fruit, whatever I have on hand.

              You can make any kind of pureed soup in the blender, too. Carrot soup, black bean soup, and split pea soup are my favorites, and so easy (saute onions and veggies, add chicken/veg stock and simmer, blend), with lots of flavor variations (add garlic, bacon, garam masala, fresh herbs... just not all at once.)