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Dec 31, 2009 03:17 AM

Where would you go for Dim Sum on New Years Day?

I'd like to hear where people would suggest going for Dim Sum for New Years Day. A place that has XLB, and steamed buns with the duck would be a plus but not mandatory.

Thank you

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  1. There's lots and lots of dim sum discussion on the boards, here's a topic for this Christmas!

    1. I don't recall which of the dim sum places serve XLB. However, since XLB is Shanghainese and dim sum is Cantonese, I can't remember any dim sum place in LA that does XLB particularly well.

      1. Many dim sum places will also serve XLB and duck. The XLB at such places are usually pathetic imitations of the good ones you find at places like Jin Jian, Mei Long Village, or Din Tai Fung.

        The duck is usually decent, but not spectacular. But that's because my dad used to make them especially for our family--far better than what you can buy.

        I'd stick with Cantonese dishes when ordering dim sum. As cjla noted, there is another thread regarding restaurants open for dim sum on New Year's Day. Every Chinese restaurant will be open.

        1. Listen to Chandavkl and raytamsgv ... they know what they are talking about.