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Dec 30, 2009 10:02 PM

Recent Norwalk Finds

Food Galleria 212 Main St (203) 846-6810
Russian supermarket, very interesting stuff. I'm crazy about Babaevsky 75% cacao dark chocolate bars. They do hot food, but are unable to say when. prepared foods can be bought chilled from the case facing the back right hand corner of the store (when entering the door). Interesting honeys, including buckwheat honey and legendary (and expensive) Bashkirian organic honey, widely said to have super antibiotic quality

Latin Flavor & Fish 102 Wall St (203) 866-0707
Didn't have the fried fish, but their steam table latino food is absolutely primo. Best rice I've EVER had in a Latin restaurant (pigeon peas and other stuff mixed in). Excellent chicken. Nice owner.

Mi'casita Restaurant & Bakery‎ 177 Main St (203) 845-0202‎
Columbian bakery, very good empanadas, but killer (very potato-y) chicken empanadas when they have them (more of square-ish shape)! Also, I like their arepas de chocolo (fresh corn sweet arepas) a lot. Pan de bono is very good, not great. Nice people.

Very near to Latin Flavor/Fish is "Atlantic Meat Market‎" (110 Wall Street, (203) 838-2347‎), a butcher shop straight out of a time machine. I didn't go in, but hear they do sandwiches for lunch.

Been meaning to try Cafe Galicia (83 wall st 203-831-8184), which is supposed to serve very authentic peruvian/ecuadorian.

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  1. Very good and very reasonably priced Mexican food in E. Norwalk, Atlantic Meat Market is a good stop, and yes their sandwiches are quite good!

    Tacos Mexico
    82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855

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    1. re: jillcooks

      Anybody try Quechua yet? I've seen their ads and I'm curious.....upscale Peruvian.

      1. re: jillcooks

        Yeah, I've been here and it was fine. I don't think I went back but it was filled with non-gringos which is always a good sign. Someone told me (a restaurant owner) that the Mexican bakery on the corner of that block is good too? Never been...

      2. Re: Food Galleria, I forgot to mention that the house-made Sirniki (little farmer cheese -stuffed doughy pillows) are very very good, even reheated. I need to find a way to get there when there's hot food readymade....

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          you would get gold stars for figuring that one out. The staff there is so elusive and non-communicative, it's almost a joke! Those little dough pillows sound awesome.

        2. The original comment has been removed