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Dec 30, 2009 07:59 PM

Le Creuset Heritage Vintage style @ Williams Sonoma?

After visiting Williams Sonoma, I noticed that WS now has these Heritage Le Creuset's modeled after a vintage design.

Many of these are on sale, but are they of the same quality of most of the Le Creuset Dutch Ovens? I would like to start collecting pieces but am still learning -- is this is just a special limited edition? And does it cook the same?

Le Creuset Heritage Oval

My Le Creuset Oval Christmas Present! a 5 Qt Le Creuset Oval :

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  1. I'm not an expert on this but i know ws likes to have exclusive pieces. my guess is that these are just that. i would guess they are updates of old styles (from their description) , from the looks i think it may be iron/enamel versions of previous ceramic lines. lc may be willing to do exclusives, but not of their mainstay, bread and butter (popular sellers). i would stick with regular imho.

    1. I saw the Heritage line at W-S too, and thought it was quite attractive. The quality appeared to be the same as the quality of LC's regular line. The style is a slight update of a standard European design from the 1950's/60's; I have a few vintage enameled cast iron casseroles from that era with the same ribbed handles and a similar domed lid. If the size and shape work for you, it looks like a good deal.

      1. It looks like from the description that the design was never produced originally. People who don't like the phenolic knobs might prefer this design. It looks like it's more for braising than stovetop use ... I think I would want to see it & try the handles in person.

        1. I've had the oval pan since I got married and love it. Can't get over the fact that it's now a "heritage" husband has been teasing me about it since I saw the piece in the WS catalog.

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            Me too. I have an oval au gratin pan in flame with the exact same handles and construction. It must be 25 years old, and now it is "vintage". I wonder if the one'a at my Mom's house are "antique"

          2. These Heritage pieces are excellent and every bit the quality of their standard lines. The designs are reproductions of the enameled cast-iron that used to be manufactured in Belgium under the Descoware name. I prefer these to the modern designs because I like their stylish profiles and the handles that are integral to the lids rather than screwed on. Some, however ,do not like these handles because they are a bit difficult to manage with oven mitts, and they do get scorchingly hot. Nonetheless, the quality is premium.