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Dec 30, 2009 07:49 PM

I am THIS close to trying a Portuguese jug wine

Having been happy with a variety of Portuguese reds in the $4 to $7 range for everyday quaffing, I'm getting weirdly curious about the 3-liter jugs of tinto for sale in the same store for $14. They don't carry a regional designation like Dao or Alentejo, and my guess is that it will be a bit thinner than the reds in the 750 ml bottles, though still better than American jugs. I'll have to save some empty 750 ml bottles for decanting though.

If I summon up the courage to take the plunge, I'll report back! :)

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  1. I wouldn't be too optimistic...the jug wines I've had in Portugual have tasted like boiled prune juice. But if you don't mind blowing $14, try one and report back. (Are these 3-liter containers made of plastic and shaped like fake baskets? If so, this is the stuff I've suffered in Portugal. Save your money!)

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      Thanks, Boswell. I've decided against it. Your opinion was confirmed by the store clerk I asked. His take was that the taste was more like bubble gum! Money saved! (Or rather, spent on something better.)

    2. When I eat in Newark Ironbound restaurants I notice the old-timers will often have a rather large mug of this stuff (the reds kept in the fridge). If I ask for a glass of wine, I'm usually careful to request something better (which often equates to EA or Monte Velho), but have been poured the jug stuff a few times. Once it was actually quite good (appeared to be from the UDACA co-op in Dao, but not DOC wine), sometimes OK, other times crap. I'm not sure I would bother buying a whole jug - stick with the $4 to $7 bottles.