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Dec 30, 2009 06:55 PM

Kitchenaid Fresh Pasta: Can you Knead the dough in it?

I recently received a Kitchenaid for X-mas and was wondering if anyone had any experience making pasta dough, specifically kneading in the kitchenaid. I usually knead and do all the other mixing by hand but if this can save me the effort I'm all for it. Is this possible? Also how do you compare the hand kneading to the kitchenaid kneading? Is one superior to the other?

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  1. I have the largest size kitchen aid and find it difficult to form and knead pasta in it (seeing as I only make 1/2lb at a time). I imagine if you had a smaller size kitchen aid it would work perfectly.

    1. According to this blogger, ever since she saw Lidia Bastianich use a food processor she doesn't do it any other way. (She also has an interesting drying method)

      1. in theory you can knead the dough in the mixer, but the cuisinart is sooooo much faster and easier.

        1. Get the kneading/rolling set of accessories. They're great.

          1. I make pasta dough in a restaurant using the KA stand mixer with a 6 qt bowl and a dough hook but also hand knead the dough just because I think the hand kneading produces superior texture in the dough. That being said, thinking about it, I've never really just let the machine go and knead the dough after the hook forms a dough ball.

            Using the KA couldn't be simpler for making the dough. 12 large eggs will produce about a 3.5 lb dough ball. The easiest way to do it is break the 12 eggs into the bowl, add a little olive oil and mix the eggs together. Set the speed on 1 or 2 and just start adding your flour of choice. I use a large metal spoon that's about a cup and allow the flour to incorporate before adding more and keep adding, slowly toward the end, until the hook forms a ball and essentially cleans the bottom of the bowl. I then hand knead the dough until I get the texture I want.

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              Yah forming the dough is not really my problem I use my own dough hook (finger) using the well method in a prep bowl, I'm really just trying to save elbow work with the kneading which can get a little tiresome, but if you think kneading by hand produces a superior dough then that's enough for me to continue kneading by hand.