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Dec 30, 2009 06:06 PM

Santa Cruz Chinese Food?

I just moved to the area (aptos, specifically) and desparately miss my chinese food back in oakland. any suggestions?

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  1. Try Panda Inn. They are located at the Deer Park Shopping Center in Aptos. It's my favorite Chinese place in the county. Lucky Dragon in Aptos is solid. I wouldn't bother with Uncle Kwok's or Hong Kong Garden.

    1. this site has an interesting description of China Chili in Seaside, and their website's menu looks promising. the chef formerly worked in the Bay Area. yelpers like the place quite a bit.

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        I wrote those comments on the previous Places data record for China Chili. You can ask the staff to translate the specials on the white board into English.

      2. The best Chinese food in Santa Cruz (by far, in my opinion) is Shun Feng on River St. in Santa Cruz.

        Their regular menu is uneven, but many of the items off their second special menu are great, and their daily specials board often has some excellent choices.