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Dec 30, 2009 06:01 PM

Any suggestions for mellow NYE dinner/hangout in LA, OC or anywhere in between?

I'm looking to spend a chill NYE evening with some friends and am looking for a nice place to grab some food and just hang out until the clock strikes midnight. I'm also looking for something affordable since NYE prices can be outrageous. Any ideas?

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  1. What do you consider affordable? Under $100, $50??

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    1. re: Katballen

      Under $50, but no worries... think I'm just going to order in and hang out at home with some friends.

      1. re: kushnerom

        Mortons. Regular menu and special priced menus around $50 for more than you could possibly eat. For a group it's easy to split dishes and spend $30-$40pp before drinks.

        1. re: cls

          will they charge a split charge?