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Dec 30, 2009 05:41 PM

cake-cafe in manchester-ish area?

hello, im a transplant from canada (and yes it is quite cold here as well) and was wondering if you could recommend a bloody proper good cake shop where one could go and order:
a cup of espresso
a slice of cake

then proceed to consume it with great gusto and barely-there restrained utensils (keeping the other off one's plate of course). i am assuming there must be well-caked cafes and such around the university or downtown area?? i was close to order cakes from pierre hermes paris shop then thought that is kind of ridiculous.

we need to gain at least a stone before.. hm.. i say, february. cant be done without cake.
personal all-time faves are:
tres leches, opera and peanut butter-banana cake (do you guys do this here?)

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  1. I don't get into the city that often and am not a cake person. And I have a sense that we are not really a cake city.

    However, a trusted poster on another board mentions Drip on Hilton Street and An Outlet on Dale Street. Both in the centre. And both mentioned by him for cake.

    Katsouris on Deansgate is more lunchtime deli sandwich but may do. Almost opposite is the cafe at John Rylands Library which will certainly get you reasonable coffee and a nice nibble but is more a generic cafe than a strictly coffee/cake place.

    You may want to schlep out to Macaroon at 569 Bury Road, Bamford, Rochdale. Newish place owned by Alison Seagrove, ex-head chef at the 2nd Floor Restaurant, Harvey Nicholls. Too far for me, so no personal experience.

    1. It isn't in the city centre, but both Cafe Delice and Cafe Didsbury do excellent cakes. They're both in Didsbury, Cafe Didsbury is on Wilmslow Rd, whilst Cafe Delice is just round the corner at the Didsbury end of Barlow Moor Road. The 42/142/42A buses all go from the city centre into Didsbury.