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Dec 30, 2009 04:55 PM

Masa or Fleur de Lys?

My husband and I, his parents and my parents live scattered around the state, and in lieu of holiday presents this year decided to gather in SF in late January and do one nice high-end meal. We wanted to do Gary Danko, but they are booked up that Saturday night (so much for the recession.) The food sounds great at both Masa and Fleur de Lys, so I guess we need help as to which would be the right spot. I'm the foodiest of the group and the parents will be most interested in the right feel of the place. Not too loud, with service that manages the balance between coddling but not intrusive. (For those who've been to Providence in LA, we did that restaurant as a group a few years ago, and it was perfect....Spago, not so much-- quite loud and really intrusive service)
Thank you for your input.

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  1. Of the two, I think Masa's has better food and service. Just to get an idea of the possibilities, you are talking about a party of six?

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    1. We've never been to Masa, but have had dinners at Michael Mina, G Danko, Fleur de Lys, and La Folie. My recommendation for the overall experience and food is G Danko and it's worth the wait. Push them, a Concierge, or if you can find someone with clout, it's well worth the wait. As a side note, we finally got a reservation because we had a gift certificate and threatened to turn it in because we could not get a reservation...they found a way to accommodate us for a 7:30 Sat reservation. Michael Mina was great food and service, but was just second.

      Other great meals, but next level down for 'white table cloth' event dining, try Piperade, the Richmond, and as a side note Jardiniere has rarely disappointed.

      Slanted Door is still outstanding...the Michelin people just didn't get it.

      1. What a terrific idea to forgo the gifts! Of the two, Masa's is best by far. Next time do La Folie!

        1. FWIW, here's a link to a post I wrote about Masa's a few years ago, in case you didn't see it.