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Dec 30, 2009 04:20 PM

Picasso (anyone been recently?) and tasting menu question...

Hi all... I'm a longtime lurker on these boards and I look forward to participating in fabulous discussions on great, interesting food!! Yay, food!

That being said, I'm headed to Vegas pretty soon. I've been reading review after review after review of people's experiences at various establishments. I'm so conflicted!! Bar Charlie sounds amazing, but I am going with my sister, and she is not a fan of raw fish. *SIGH* Perhaps another time. Picasso is a place I have been wanting to try since the Bellagio opened. Has anyone been there recently?? Is it worth it? I searched for reviews, and found some info, but wondering if anyone has any updated info...

Also, random question-- I love, love, love trying out tasting menus, but its so freakin' expensive for two people. Is it in bad taste to ask to be able to split one order (using two forks and one plate, not splitting the orders on two plates, if I making any sense) of a tasting menu between two people?

Thank you!!

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  1. I think tasting menus can be overrated. For two, I I usually prefer ordering a la carte and just sharing each of our courses. We just make sure we never order the same thing. 1) You end up getting what you really want, 2) It's cheaper, and 3) Given that tasting menus usually force the two of you to eat the same thing, it's only a couple courses less of things you wouldn't be able to try.

    But some restaurants are really built off their tasting menu such as Guy Savoy and Alex. But for places like B&B or Bar Charlie, I'd be happier going ALC

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      Ordering a la carte is a good idea, since it would be cheaper.... my only problem with that is I have problems with commitment-- it's hard for me to choose just one main dish (or even two, if I have a dinner partner) and commit to it, I want it all!! Haha, but yeah... something to keep in my mind next time, thanks!

    2. We went to Picasso in Oct for fiancee b-day. We loved every aspect of the dining experience. Food/Wine, service & decor were wonderful. Really can't beat sitting 5 feet from multi-million dollar Picasso painting. I had the "degustation tasting menu & fiancee had prix fixe. Favorite dishes were the lobster salad, foie gras & choc cake dessert. After dinner they invited us to enjoy coffee & mignardises on the patio overlooking the bellagio fountains.

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        Sounds beautiful, thank you so much for your input. I want to take my sister somewhere memorable, and I've always wanted to try this (and given that we will be having dinner on Monday, and Alex and Gus Savoy are both closed on those days, I think?) I am going to try and get a reservation at Picasso. Cheers!

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          I actually just made reservations for Picasso and am going in two weeks so will report back then. Also, they do not offer a la carte at Picasso, only set 4 or 5 course menus with choices within those (according the the host whom I made the reservation with).