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Best Non-Alcoholic Wine: Navarro's Gewurtztraminer

Caralien Dec 30, 2009 02:36 PM

Navarro's Gewurtzraminer is the only non-alcoholic wine I've had that was worth buying--it actually tastes like a Gewurtztraminer, and not simply grape juice. Why non-alcoholic when there are so many great wines to choose from? I'm pregnant and supposed to avoid alcohol.

Unfortunately for me, Navarro costs $29/case to ship their grape juice to the east coast (which, incidentally, includes the midwest), and for alcoholic wines, $69/case because NJ has a special deal with distributors. Fortunately, I contacted the company, and through the end of 2009 (tomorrow), per case shipping is $.01.

$11/bottle, 10% off per case. I recall not loving either the verjus or pinot noir non-alcoholic wines, but ordered some of those too, just in case. It would be a shame not to have some variety.


Next: how to make a pregnancy-safe pate which might pair well with the Gewurtztraminer (suggestions welcomed)

  1. Melanie Wong Jan 2, 2010 08:09 AM

    Note that These navarro products are not non-alcoholic wine because they have not been fermented then dealc'd. They are naturally sweet (because fermentation has not turned sugars into alcohol) grape juice from wine grape varieties.

    Verjus is a flavoring used for cooking. I wouldn't recommend drinking it straight. Reduced down to a syrup, it makes a nice flavor accent for foie gras or the pate recipe when you find one.

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