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Dec 30, 2009 02:36 PM


The boss is coming to town from Cincinnati, Ohio! Any great ideas?

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  1. The Strip House (steakhouse) in the Westminster Hotel on Rt 10 in Livingston is supposed to be very good...
    If this is a person who's serious about food/presentation/creative ingredients, I'd suggest Blu in Montclair, which is BYO--but also somewhat intimate--not sure in terms of atmosphere if that's where you want to go with your boss; your call!

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    1. re: Curlz

      Great suggestion! He is staying at the Westminster! We'll skip the intimate suggestion!

      1. re: thinfoodie

        Strip House was great! Pricey as hell. Glad the boss picked up the tab! Strip steak with blue cheese special was about $46, iceberg salad with blue cheese, bacon was outstanding ($16). Creamed spinach, mashed potatoes-good.
        Thanks for the suggestion.

        What do you recommend at Blu?

        1. re: thinfoodie

          EVERYTHING. :-)

          Seriously--I've just never been disappointed at Blu...the chef is a master with fish and seafood, but I also love anything he does with duck or red meat--and his flavor combos are incredibly creative. If you know you're going, consider doing the tasting menu; the price is sickly reasonable--something around $50 for 4 courses. That's my favorite thing to do there! And it's BYO to boot...

    2. Since this is the may want to consider The Manor or The Highlawn Pavilion if he is on the fatherly side.

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      1. re: fourunder

        He's not the fatherly type--40's, no kids, acts like a big funny kid! Haven't been to Highlawn in a very long time. How's the food?

      2. I'd suggest the Highlawn Pavillion for the night time view of Manhattan.

        1. I would sugest the Huntley Tavern in Summit. Best all around restaurant in the area IMO. You will love it.

          1. I haven't been there in about a year, so can't comment on thier current form, but Tassert's in Florham Park is good and would be quite close.