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Dec 30, 2009 02:32 PM

The end of Bespoke and Sabor as we know it...

I got word today that New Year's Eve will be Franco's last night at Bespoke/Sabor. As you probably know, he and Lisette sold the building and now the new owner is apparently installing her own kitchen staff.
It is my understanding that Franco's new venue(s) in Branford will be ready to open quite a bit earlier than was first noted on this site.

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  1. Is there any information about the new restaurant in Branford?

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    1. re: spenbuzz

      One new restaurant has already come and gone...Suburban closed several months ago. Franco has now moved on to an upscale taco "bar" and a wine bar next door, both on Main St. in Branford.

      1. re: lsnhc

        i am so very disappointed. the suburban was our fav rstnt in CT. Darn it. When we were last there, they were putting the finishing touches on their Mexican place. He is such a talented chef. what's going on w/ the so. new eng. board- no one's written up this new Mexican spot?or have i just missed a thread............

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          A corollary.....Bespoke in New Haven is now closed.....

          1. re: lsnhc

            Replaced by Gilt Moroccan Steakhouse and Lounge.

            Same owners as Bespoke as far as I know. Bespoke always featured a few Moroccan dishes on the menu. This new place seems to be an extension and expansion on that theme. They must be confident in the new place: their grand opening was on Valentine's Day.