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Dec 30, 2009 01:44 PM

appreciate an update on cliff hagans-hazard,ky

saw a review about a year or so old and it panned the venerable cliffs pretty good. has anyone been there lately? if so,how was it?
on another note,my wife and i drove down to ken tex bbq in shelbyville,ky yesterday and were somewhat disappointed. sliced pork was dry and the chopped beef was nothing special. maybe a bad day for them. oh well. art+

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  1. I was there in April and it was just as delicious as always. Steak was cooked to perfection....medium. Salad was fresh and cheese balls were hot and fantastic.

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      lala-thanx a bunch.happy new year. art

      1. re: artmo

        You might want to call and make sure they are open, before you set out to visit. The restaurant suffered a major fire in June and I'm not sure if it is back in operation.

        1. re: BetsyinKY

          I don't know how I missed this but you are right...they had a fire in July...that makes me so sad.