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Dec 30, 2009 01:23 PM

Nashville.. Best Burger..Brown's Diner?

We've been to Hermitage Hotel (overpriced). Rotiers (nothing special), Five Guys (don't get me started)...tried to go to Gabby's Burgers and Fries but it was closed..anywhere I have missed?

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  1. PM
    Puffy Muffin
    Fat Mo's
    F Scott's
    Whole Foods Grill

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    1. re: pete k

      The Tennessean posted the health department scores for Davidson County last week and Fat Mo's was the WORST. The details were too gross to repeat. I won't be going back.

      1. re: Cameraman

        They posted information for the Murfreesboro Rd location. They have several other locations across Nashville.

    2. Go to any J Alexanders. Awesome burger that will have to be cut in half by the knife that comes with it and the fries are out of this world. Forgot the price..
      I have eaten them in Nashville and Chicago, never fails to please.

      1. Brown's is the most consistently satisfying burger I've ever had in Nashville. No particular reason - I don't even know if it's hand-formed, but it always tasted like it was. Two things I need to own up to here: first, I've not been in the place in almost ten years (we moved to SoCal), so for all I know they could have started using frozen patties or something, but for some reason I doubt that's likely. Second, I DO like Rotier's burgers almost as well, as long as they're on the French roll. In fact, I once suggested that if Brown's and Rotiers wanted to have a best-burger shootout I'd gladly volunteer to judge it. The suggestion was not well-received...

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        1. re: Will Owen

          ^ What he said. I don't get these folks who think a burger is a gourmet item. Fresh beef grilled or broiled properly is a great meal. You can find that at any number of places. Just relax and enjoy it.

        2. Brown's is definitely among the best in town. I'll take it over Rotier's any day. The problem with Rotier's is that they don't season the meat at all. They admitted to as much in this interview w/ Food Network They just put the patty on the grill and cook it with no salt or pepper.

          I enjoy Fat Mo's for a change of pace, but I have to admit that even within the same location, they seem to be wildly inconsistent. When they're good, they're a real treat, though. Very unique seasoning.

          The burger at PM is very good, but it is non-traditional.

          A couple of other places that make a really good burger in Nashville are Bricktop's, McCabe Pub, and Sportsman's Grille.

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          1. re: jamiecarroll

            I did like the burger at McCabe's; my only problem was that I loved the pork chop sandwich so much I could hardly ever not order that! Similar problem with Bobbie's Dairy Dip: I was too hung up on the Polish sausage. That was back when the butcher shop next door was getting them in from Chicago, and since the butcher shop is long gone (Miel is there now) I don't know what's become of the sausage sandwich...

            I don't remember Rotier's burger being unseasoned, but my taste buds were younger then. If that's the case I might very well not like it much now. Well, this gives me something to do on my next visit!

          2. I'm what I like to think of as a burger expert. Don't get me wrong...I can enjoy a diner burger. That's a burger cooked ('grilled') on a flatbed restaurant griddle. They can be darn good.

            BUT, give me a hickory or mesquite grilled burger (over fire) any day...HANDS DOWN! That's why I'm gonna have to rule out Brown's, Rottiers, Fat Mo's, Elliston Place... Those places do NOT have Nashville's best burger.

            Our beloved Houston's used to have one of Nashville's finest burgers. In my opinion, the torch has been passed to J Alexanders and Bosco's. Bosco's has a freakin' great burger if you haven't tried it and you can always count on J Alexanders impressing!

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            1. re: trakk

              De gustibus etcetera... flat-grilled burgers to my taste are inherently superior to flame-grilled exactly because they trap and sizzle all those nice fatty juices between the hot metal and the meat. An adept hand at the open grill can flame-cook a good juicy burger, and there's no denying it's a fine art, but bite for bite I'll take Brown's over even the late, lamented Houston's any day. Not to mention I could get TWO Brown's burgers for Houston's money, but that's not the point...

              1. re: Will Owen

                I'm with you, Brown's is still proving to be my favorite..we went to Gabby's, I thought it was very dry and the bun was too big for the burger. We did have a Jack White sighting there which was cool, but the greasy burger at Brown's is leading the pack right now.

                1. re: I love Jersey

                  Back in the day (as they say), my brother and I would lunch there once a week, and I remember making sure I ate the burger over the fries so that the juices would bathe them. I thought of that as my potatoes and gravy... Oh, I want one right now!