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Dec 30, 2009 01:16 PM

Leisurely lunch in Santa Monica...Penthouse at the Huntly, or?????

Meeting a friend to catch up over a nice lunch. The Penthouse has a great is the food and value? I also love BOA. What other beachy places will make for a relaxing and tasty lunch with an old friend? I tend to find that Shutters and Casa del Mar are way overpiced, although wonderful settings. Funky, less expensive recs are welcome too! Thanks.

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  1. You might enjoy Fig. Great food, excellent cheese bar and terrific ambiance that really makes you fell like you're on holiday. I think I read recently about a taco bar they have going; don't know what hours it's on.

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      Fig would work, though both times I've gone entailed one half decent and one terrible service experience. But the food was good, so up to the OP. They might have better luck than I.

    2. i've only eaten at the Penthouse once, and it was for dinner.

      gotta say, the food, the room, and the service were all terrific.

      if i close my eyes, i can still summon up the taste of those crab cakes.. . .

      can't comment on the prices because it was a festive occasion with a large party and lots of food being ordered and i didn't pay attention to the prices.

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        I've been a few times and have had some very good meals as well as some pretty meh ones. Service has sort of been across the board too. But the room is lovely and I do think you'd have much better luck at brunch/lunch there than dinner. It's definitely not a cheap meal, though.

        Not in Santa Monica, but I also really like Gjelina, 3 Square and Venice Beach Wines in Venice. The setting at Venice Beach Wines is a little awkward because the tables are tiny, but the lambwich is delicious and I really love sitting out on that patio during the day and catching up over wine.

      2. I second FIG and GJELINA and would add the new LA CACHETTE BISTRO to the mix. I really enjoyed my meal there and I believe they have a lunch special in addition to the regular lunch menu.