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Dec 30, 2009 12:31 PM

Restaurant in Calgary that doesn't oversalt.

Hi all,

This is my first post ever even though I have been trolling these boards since I first heard about it a couple years ago. These boards have not led my culinary experience astray this far....this is the only topic I havn't been able to find any old posts on.

Since I have been cutting out salt in my diet due to family health issues I am having a really hard time enjoying food at restaurants (tragic, I know). I used to love Capo/Mercato/Vintage but the saltiness of the meal really gets to me now. The only meals I have consistantly been able to avoid the salt is sushi (sashimi only, no soya). Its getting frustrating as it is really limiting! I am finding there are not many 'nice' restaruants that I can go to now without feeling the NaCl bloat.

Any recommendations for meals in Calgary (any and all kinds of cuisine) that are not too salty?

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  1. *scratches head* It sounds like you must be more sensitive then most people... I can't imagine a restaurant as good as Capo oversalting! Have you tried requesting that the chefs cut down on the salt or leave it out entirely?

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      No, only because I always feel guilty about asking a chef to change a dish for me. I suppose this is becoming my only option though if I want to eat outside my home.

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        Hmmm. I think AriaDream has the right idea for you. Don't feel guilty about it: you are paying. The dish should be done to your specs.

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          I am with AriaDream and Leibowitz on this one particularly if you call in advance and explain your situation. If you receive "flak" or "attitude" then you can choose another spot.

          In my experience, most chefs would accomodate a polite request and it is usually when the diner asks for more salt or...ahem...ketchup that they may take offence.

          Of course this comes from a guy who when dining with some people we had not met before had one of them pipe up with, "its When Harry met Sally" as I told the server how I wanted my food...mea my defence, it is all in the "presentation", i.e. request as opposed to demand [smile]

    2. I agree with the advice you have received here. You might want to ask which dishes can be altered. A whole pot of soup is tough to cook for one but a single filet should not be.

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        Any chef worth his... salt will alter dishes for dietary restrictions if possible, as noted above. Also avoid the dishes that contain salted/cured products. Bacon, hams, olives, capers etc can all be salt cured. Also some cheeses like pecorino are heavily salted.