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Dec 30, 2009 12:01 PM

What is up with Santarpio's?

Let me start off by saying that we (hubby and I) are serious Santarpio's fans. We appreciate the merits of a Regina's well done but we've always given the edge to Santarpio's. We don't go there often but made a "vacation day" trip there today.

Let me just say that the pizza was unrecogizable. Gone was the thin, crispy, savory crust only to be replaced by a soggy in the middle, very doughy, very sweet crust. It was floury and flaky, not chewy and salty and delicious. It was like someone had take over the kitchen! I honestly wouldn't eat there again if it was right next door.

Have any Santarpio's FANS noticed anything similar of late? I'm not looking to start the religious war of "best pizza" -- just wondering if anyone else has noticed the dramatic changes.

I should note that there were lots of happy eaters and a line out the door when we left so plenty of people still pleased...


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    1. My pizza there has always been soggy in the middle (that is, in the past five years). I am not alone; many other Hounds have reported that over the years. Others have protested in disbelief. Maybe you're finally sharing this experience.