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Dec 30, 2009 11:40 AM

Departed CT Restaurants...Don't Look Back In Anger

Here I sit...lonely hearted
Recalling restaurants that are now departed

Restaurant Du Village...oh that fine French-country food
Only duGlace and Petit remain..when this Hound's in that mood

Jack's Saybrook Steak...isn't it a pity?
We've still got Central in the lucky Elm City

Ambassador of India...what a disappointing day
You think I'll go freakin' way

There's love for some food and I don't know why
Lenny and Joe' say worth a try?

I enjoy your thoughts, those posts, and the linking
But with their overrated fare.....what the hell are some of you thinking?!?

Happy New Year and all the best eats in 2010 :)

Chorus: "So at Sally's you'll wait, you know it's too their faves are walkin' on by.
At Roseland the soul slid away, Pepe's aint that great, so let's go to Modern...I heard you say":

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  1. Ambassador of India these parts did flee,
    Don't despair, there's Haveli (Middletown, CT).

    But what to my wondering eyes should appear?
    Did you not make it to Lenny & Joe's this year?
    How can a delicious scallop roll not entice?
    For one of those, I can give no better advice.
    And while you're there stuffing your maw,
    Please don't forget their tasty cole slaw.

    Happy New Year right back atcha, my brother...and miles and miles of good eating!

    1. Despite your protest
      Our palates are blest
      With favored cafes overflowing.
      The best strategem
      Is to patronize them
      To keep their fine businesses going!

      1. Ohh that put a smile on my face this morning.....bravo and a Happy New Year to you!

        1. Twas my fourth year 'round Hartford, and all thru the towns,
          Chef's were a 'stirrin, cooking food by the mounds.
          But trouble was lurking, a recession was on!
          A war that's not costly and long? George Bush, you mor-on!

          The diners drive-ins and dives, were all hard at work.
          Making food for us Chowhounds, who gobble it down with fork, knife and spork.
          Then to the website we run, to rate and debate
          The "hpyerdeliciousness" of the food we just ate.

          Now, Cheesecake is tacky, and Friendly's is slow.
          Changs got a wait list, don't you know?
          Max has got Oysters, Burgers and Fish.
          But I'd rather put MY money on any Grant's dish!

          Now, down to Blue Back I go, passing Bishops on by,
          Down Farmington and Main, "Meet me at Besito's!" I cry!
          At the end of the nite, when West Hartford is calm,
          I head to Tisane, for my warm coffee balm.

          Now, I'm all snuggled in bed,
          With sugary coffee-blend dreams in my head.
          When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
          But 8 new chain restaurants- each one insights fear!

          No McDonalds, No Wendy's,
          No Chili's, I say!
          They'll take then in Newington, any old day!

          And then, a minute later, I hear a chef cry,
          "Food at the chains makes Chowhounders Die!
          So eat local out, and spend your money with ease,
          At quality restaurants without all the grease!"

          This is the end of my rant, against Bush, chains and fat,
          Next year, near Harftord, we'll be free of all that!
          We'll spend wisely on fresh veggies and fish,
          And to all near to Hartford, this is my Holiday Wish!

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          1. re: stuck in Hartford County

            If there was a prize for the best thread ever, this would win it hands down.

            My fellow Chowhounds, you are the most talented group of people that I (sort of) know :)

            1. re: krisrishere

              I agree! I really enjoyed these. And kattyeyes, anyone who could rhyme "stuffing your maw" with "cole slaw" is O.K. in my book!

              1. re: lmg

                I love this thread! We not only have some devoted foodies on this board, but poets as well!

          2. It seems I still get restaurants I've grown fond
            They're unlike the ex-wife....can't be replaced by a blonde ;) .

            Right away in this New Year....a rather quick rocky start
            A great market and good restaurant....were the first to depart

            Early on it was 'Kari'....New Haven's other Malaysian
            Then it was 'Feast'....a Deep River trail worth blazin'

            Kari's roti canai....and that dish of stingray
            Feast's gourmet goodies....why couldn't they stay?

            I blame big-box slop stops....and CHAIN-wreck restaurants
            If you go to're deserving of taunts

            So sorry to be angry....disappointment can be misguided
            It's just that quality choices....and popular tastes have collided

            So let's stick search of good chow
            Hounds avoid the sub par....I think we know how

            Support locales of distinction....those which rise far above
            Don't forget to post here....and share of their love

            If you've made it this far....a toast from this broken heart
            I wish you all the best eats....but f*** EVERY Walmart!

            "I don't have to tell you things are bad........."

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              1. re: noreservations

                I wished I had your balls... for saying what is what!
                A Oakie newbie to Elm town, I don't seem to know squat.

                'za is sacred... worshiped, there really is no doubt.
                Louis Lunch: You don't like it? (they say with a pout)

                I agree, chains and boxes are screwin' with our minds.
                Seek out the deliciousness! Get off of your behinds!

                Get out of your mindset and set your spirits free!
                As Chowhounds we cannot tolerate mediocrity!

                Deliciousness is in the mind's eye,
                On that we can agree.

                Deliciousness is all around us
                Just get out and see.