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Dec 30, 2009 11:25 AM

Dining in Vegas: Restaurant etiquette question!

I'm going to dine in Vegas and I'm trying to coordinate going to Vegas shows but still have grand tasting menus at some restaurants.

The question is, is it proper to order an approximately 5-course menu that will likely last about 2 hours at a time of 9:30pm when the restaurant closes at 10:30? How do things like that work? That's what I'd like to do when I eat at Twist (YES!).

Is there usually a cutoff time in which restaurants won't be serving grande tasting menus? I'm a chef myself, so I know what it's like when people order lots of food 5 minutes before closing time. But at the same time, I'm not working at a place like Joel Robuchon. I'm sure I could walk in and order the 4-hour tasting menu at 9:00, but I don't want my food being cooked by a pissed off kitchen eiither. Or is it all good since this IS a 3-star michelin place and you ARE paying $500 pp for a meal?

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  1. That's such a thoughtful question. It seems to me that arriving an hour before closing is plenty of time to order anything off the menu, but I'm hoping someone with personal experience will answer. You could certainly call the restaurant and ask -- I'm sure they will appreciate your sensitivity.

    1. My guess is that the waiter would let you know whether a lengthy tasting menu is available still that 'late' in the evening (10:30 closing time? weird.).

      1. I've had the tasting menu at Alex twice with a 9:00 reservation. Finished after midnight both times. No issues. Never rushed. 5-star service.

        I went to B&B with a 9:30 reservation and were "guided away" from the tasting menu. Despite not doing the tasting menu, the service was aloof, slow at times, rushed at others and on par with TGIF.

        My feeling is that at high-end places the staff has the professionalsim to give great service regardless of the hour. I think B&B is a uniquely bad example.

        1. That's a good question, and it really turns on what is understood by "closing time." To me, that means last seating. I would just take it as a matter of faith that it is normal and understood by the restaurant and all its staff that the hours of service go until closing plus however long it takes to serve anyone who arrived by the "closing" time, and that's just normal and expected, particularly in a place like LV where business hours are around-the-clock by the nature of the place. But maybe not. One can certainly understand how the staff, irrespective of what they signed up for, would just as soon get everybody out and go home.

          1. My husband and I had this same issue a couple of years ago. We went to Vegas for a concert we thought would be over by 9 and had reservations at Charlie Palmer's Aureole for 9:15. As the concert ran longer and longer I started stressing because, for me, the trip was all about the food, the heck with the concert! I stepped out at 9 and made a call to the restaurant explaining our situation and they were absolutely gracious and accommodating. We ended up getting there at around 9:40 and had the 9 course tasting menu with wine pairings. Absolutely one of the best meals of my life and what made the night perfect was the attentive, but restrained wait staff and the fact that we were not once made to feel that being there was inconveniencing anyone or that there was any need to hurry through our fabulous experience.