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Dec 30, 2009 11:01 AM

duck recipe - what do you think?

I will be making a duck for the first time this weekend. Please share your favorite recipe or tell me what you think of this one

Thanks, much appreciated!

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    1. Julia Child's recipe for Duckling a l'Orange is great, and available in the first volume of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking."

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      1. If you're looking specifically for duck l'orange, I'm no help because I don't like it, but if you're just looking for delicious duck recipes in general, this one's our favorite:

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          Even if you don't like duck a l'orange, the JC "master recipe" for roasted duck is very good, and you can sauce it differently. She gives a few variations, I believe, the one with sour cherries is my favorite -- no surprise!

        2. Jfood would vote against that recipe. The sauce does not sound like it would be enjoyable to jfood.

          If yoyu go with the JC recipe todao links above you will have a magnificent bird.

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            Thanks everyone. Doesn't have to be duck a l'orange, just a great duck recipe.

            The JC recipe looks great. Though it looks like I need to plan a whole day for it.

          2. Don't like the sound of the recipe the OP links to. Although there are few ingredients, most seem to clash unpleasantly for my taste.

            For me, a simple roast for the bird. I make a variation of Cumberland Sauce to go with.