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Dec 30, 2009 11:00 AM

Keeping Mashed Potatoes Warm w/Slow Cooker

I'm cooking steak au poivre on New Year's Day and I'll be making a salad and mashed potatoes to accompany it. I'd like to make the mashed potatoes ahead of time, so that I can enjoy my aperitif with my dinner guest and not deal with anything but the steak and sauce when the time comes. I assume I can keep the potatoes warm in a slow cooker set on low heat. However, how long can I keep them in the slow cooker? I don't want them to turn to glue or become otherwise taste-comprimised? Could I keep them in there for 3 or so hours? Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I would try to keep the potatoes moist by placing them in another covered container and then place them in the slow cooker with a little water on the bottom. That should prevent any crisping or burning.
    They should keep for a good hour or two.

    1. I can't help w/ the slow cooker, but I have kept potatoes for awhile in a double boiler covered w/ saran.

      1. I do this every Thanksgiving. Put some cream and butter in the bottom of the crockpot before adding your potatoes, and butter the sides, and add hot mashed pots in and put the cooker on warm. They will stay good for several hours. Give them a stir occasionally so that the sides / bottom don't burn.

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          This is how my mom does her mashed potatoes for Christmas - butter/cream at the bottom, and well buttered sides. Good for about 4 hours. Even after 4 hours, they just start to get a little crusty on the sides, and we were all fighting over those bits when we were cleaning up after dinner.

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            How much cream and butter would you say? I am making instant mashed potatoes this year for thanksgiving (only because I am cooking for about 45 people!) I would like to keep them warm and fresh for about an hour or so. Thanks in advance!

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              Sorry for not seeing this before the big day. Hopefully it worked out for you. I smear about a tablespoon of butter on the bottom and and half way up the sides of the pot. Then I put no more 2 T of cream in the bottom. Has been working for me for the last three years. Hope this helps!

          2. cook your potatoes & put them thru the ricer but do not mix or add butter or milk. You can now put them in the fridge or leave on the counter for a few hours. Just before serving, nuke them and then add hot milk & butter & stir. They come out perfect.

            1. I tried this for the first time at Thanksgiving, and the slow cooker held them perfectly for four hours. Totally indistinguishable from fresh. I've tried and failed at sparkareno's suggestion -- but that's probably my own fault. I am not terribly good with the microwave and starches.