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Dec 30, 2009 10:24 AM

Paris, festive New Year's Day dinner?

I've researched the posts on this board re: Christmas and New Year's. We are a group of four Americans looking for a festive place to have dinner on New Year's day. I called Chez Denise and a couple of other brasseries from John Talbott's exhaustive list, but thus far I have not found any places which will be open on 1/1. Any suggestions for festive bistros/brasseries with great food that will be open on NYD for dinner? If not, we will probably try Au Pied du Cochon for dinner...thanks in advance!

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  1. L'Auberge Bressane, La Fontaine de Mars, even Chez Georges porte Maillot, Le Grand Colbert and of course Joséphine Chez Dumonet. Speaking of which, I went back to le Bistrot du Sud Ouest on bd Montparnasse and it was good value, comfortable, and not bad, even with interesting wines. Not the hypest place, or the best, but no surprise, open late and every day.

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      We are returning to Itineraires for New Years dinner on 1/1.

    2. "a festive place to have dinner on New Year's day"
      Well, like the Holy Roman Empire which was not holy, nor Roman nor an empire, these places are just a bit festive, (does two Christmas trees count?), and we ate lunch not dinner, for the umpth time on New Year's Day. But for the record on Chow, I had a chat with the responsibles and they now run three similar Laotian-Viet Namese-Thai places all open New Yoear's Day: Lao Lane Xang 2, 102 Ave d’Ivry in the 13th, 01 58 89 00 00, which I think is the premier, the original Lao Lane Xang 1, at 105 and Rouammith at 103, which they call their younger brother.
      A very fine meal with three dishes (crevettes, lacquered duck & mussels), rice, a trio of sorbets, wine and coffee - the bill was an astonishing 65 Euros.

      John Talbott

      1. Thanks you, souphie, John, and trav! We were only able to call La Fontaine de Mars and Josephine on 12/31 - unfortunately, both were closed for New Year's day. We ended up going to Au Pied de Cochon, which was, as expected, quite mediocre, with service the same level of mediocrity. Tomorrow, I hope will be a better food day: we're aiming for Poilane in the 15th arr. for breakfast bread, Le Cinq for lunch, Jacques Genin for chocolates, and L'Avant Gout for dinner.

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          Take it easy on the breakfast. You planned a very solid food day.

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            I only made it to Le Cinq and L'Avant Gout, and even that was too much for me. The Le Cinq lunch (we opted for the 3 courses) was 78 euros and a great deal - service was impeccable yet fun, and the food was outstanding. The only dish I would say I didn't totally love was the main course of beef pot au feu, which was a little too light for my taste.

            Today's food goals: L'As du Fallafel, Jacques Genin, Pierre Herme, Gerard Mulot, Poilane (I'm leaving tomorrow, so trying to squeeze everything in). This will be preceded by museums. Wish me luck! :) And thanks again to all for your suggestions!

            1. re: Chestnut

              Yes -- I don't understand why Briffard keeps proposing sophisticated versions of "bistrot" dishes in that lunch menu (blanquette, osso bucco, now pot au feu) that don't have much interest. I advise against them.

              1. re: souphie

                Darn, wish I had known that before I dined at Le Cinq. Oh well - it was a lovely lunch nonetheless. And the foie gras ravioli that came with the pot au feu were divine.

              2. re: Chestnut

                What did you have at L'Avant Gout? I have dined there three times over the last five years or so and always seem to be the lucky one with what I order (dining companions wish they'd gotten what I had).

                I have a hard time imagining visiting Paris without having lunch at Le Cinq now. It's delightful.

                1. re: Leely2

                  I ordered the set menu, with the vanilla foie gras (which I really enjoyed), the original pot au feu (which I honestly didn't enjoy as much - I know it's famous at L'Avant Gout, so I think maybe I just don't really love pot au feu), and some sort of lemony cake dessert (I had originally ordered the caramelized mandarin orange dessert, but quickly changed my mind when the table next to me got theirs and I saw that it didn't look very appetizing).

                  Two pot au feus a day, when one is not terribly fond of pot au feu, is probably not advised.

                  Leely, what have you ordered and enjoyed? I'd love to know your recommendations for next time.

                  1. re: Chestnut

                    I can't really remember and I believe they change the preparations, etc., but I've enjoyed pintade, cabillaud and lamb (that last with a great pistou). Once a friend ordered "Cajun" or "Creole" salmon and--granted, we are Americans who like our spice HOT--found it rather disappointing, perfectly cooked but somewhat bland although served with a truly tasty ratatouille.

                    I will be the first to admit I'm kind of easy to please and generally order my favorites if they're available. Try the chocolate millefeuille at Genin if it appeals and you're feeling decadent/hungry!

                    I'm quite envious that you're there while I'm sitting at home imagining dinners past. Have fun.

            2. re: Chestnut

              Oh my gosh, that is going to be a full eating day! I have enjoyed all of those places but not in a single 24-hour period. Please report back. And happy New Year!