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Dec 30, 2009 10:18 AM

Notorious P.I.G.? [Phoenix]

I drove by the old Carmella's spot (32nd and Thunderbird) and discovered a new BBQ restaurant in its place. Has anyone been there?

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  1. Saw something about this on Twitter a few days ago. Don't know anything about it, but I seem to remember some area chefs hosting a pork-centric, locavore dinner with this name a while back. I hope they'll consider the new restaurant's name an homage.


    1. We went there On a Friday evening a few weeks ago. Now we go every Friday night. The service is outstanding. The price is resaonable. The portions are nice size. Spicy is spicy and hot is hot. I need to say more about thee service. Very attentive but not too pushy. Relaxed atmoshpere. family style. Owners come out to talk to you, make sure everythign is ok, but not pushy. The food is to die for. Tender, mosit, very tasty We have been trying everything on the menu so far everything is great!!! I guess the Happy hours special can't be beat along with the lunch specials

        1. I will never go back to this restaurant again!!! Awful, awful customer service from the entire restaurant. If it is busy, be prepared to wait and wait and wait for everything. The really unfortunate part is the owner could care less about how awful we were treated. Why would he care, he just got a great review in the newspaper. He was there in the bar and never said a word to our table. Our server, the manager and other wait staff were rude and unprofessional from the beginning to the end. Our meal was served without the sides or cornbread. When we asked about them we were treated as if we were making harsh demands. Mind you we ordered directly off the menu with no special orders or requests. When the server did return with our cornbread she literally placed it in my husband's hands and said "I don't know where you want me to put this." handed it to him and walked away. When our sides came they were incorrect, but at this point so much had gone wrong that it wasn't worth addressing. Additionally after waiting 15 minutes for our drinks, with our server no where in sight we went to the bar and picked up our own drinks that were sitting there. I think what was most distressing was how the manager treated us. When we questioned her on the series of awful events we were rudely informed that they have been slammed since opening and that when we came there were over 30 tickets in the kitchen, and that we should just deal with what happened. These are just a few of the issues we had, there were several more. It just kept getting worse.

          What is most unfortunate is that the food was really good. Not just average, but some of the best barbeque I have had. Delicious, meaty, flavorful. Great restaurants need great food and great service. This only has one. I truly have never been treated so badly at a restaurant. Even lip smacking delicious BBQ will not bring me back. Too bad, I live in the neighborhood and would have frequented this place.

          The review is in today's paper too, so be warned if it is busy, you will have the same experience.

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            Is the pork tenderloin homemade?