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Dec 30, 2009 10:12 AM

Queens and no breakfast...

We dropped someone off at LGA this morning, and wanted to go for breakfast- is it weird not one restaraunt was open at 9:45 for breakfast?

Anyway, instead we decided to look for a bakery, and on the section of Main St where Glatt Main is we found a little gem of a bakery called Gil, I believe. AMAZING challa rolls and onion pockets, and great bagels.Next we went into GLatt Main to get some items for the house, and saw these jerusalem bagels and zatar laffa type things from a bakery called 'Old Fasion Bakery' from Brooklyn and the Jerusalem Bagel is just delicious.

Aside from these finds, I also noticed there is a new restaurant called L'Bella Pizzareia right by these two places- has anyone been there? Any reports incase we ever go into Queens again?!

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  1. I think there is still the bagel store "Main Street Bagels" a few blocks down from there (72nd and Main). I believe they are open early for breakfast.

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      As was mentioned before, Main Street bagels was open, There is also Kosher Corner Cafe right across the street, or youl could have ventured about a 5 minute drive down Union Tpke to Cafe Muscat or the bagel store down there (the name escapes me right now)

      1. re: HungryJew

        Kosher Korner was not open at that time. We went there first of all! Also, Caffacino (sp?) closed down... I as unaware of this