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Dec 30, 2009 09:42 AM

best spaghetti bolognese/tagliatelle bolognese/fettucine bolognese in TO?

Who serves the best versions lately?

More interested in an upscale Italian resto, than a homestyle Italian resto.

Has anyone tried the tagliatelle bolognese at Romagna Mia or the fettucine bolognese at Mistura lately? Does Buca have a pasta bolognese on their menu? Can't find an online menu for Buca- no menu seems to be posted on their website.

Thanks for any recs!

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  1. Have you tried the Fettucine Bolognese at La Bruschetta? It is not one of my favourites, but my best friend is a fan of the authentic version since her trip to Italy many years ago and she gave La Bruchetta's version a thumbs up... definitely a traditional Bolognese and not your usual north american tomato and meat sauce.

    PS - I just noticed that you asked for upscale and I would consider La Bruschetta more homestyle, but classy all the same IMHO. Since I already typed the post up I thought I would post it and maybe you will get more replies? :)

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      Haven't been lately but I would assume the pasta at Mistura is just as good as ever!

    2. Closer to home, Trio does a respectable ragu bolognese, I believe with rigatoni. But they may fall more into a homestyle Italian resto than upscale.

      1. Hi Phoenikia,

        I'm sure many chows would say there are a ton of nice Italian restaurants out there, but I personally like the bolognese with papparadelle pasta at Alice Fazooli's (Richmond Hill). We eat there often and I always order this dish.