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Dec 30, 2009 09:42 AM

Gio Chanh Cong

Hi - I've bought something from a Thai shop labelled Gio Chanh Cong - it's some sort of (frozen) Vietnamese pork product and I'm wondering exactly what it is and what recipes I should try it in/how I should eat it??

Many thanks if anyone can help!
(sorry - you may have seen this in cookware where I mistakenly posted it first time...)

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  1. I think of gio as in the charcuterie/lunchmeats category. I usually just eat it in sandwiches or with rice....

    1. Hi-i've bought the same product and i was wondering if you already know how to eat?do you already have a nice recipe or do you eat it as a lunchmeat?

      Many thanks if you can help me.