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Dec 30, 2009 09:27 AM

Corton tonight -- 3-Course or Tasting Menu?

I'm very excited to be heading to Corton tonight with my fiance, but I'm conflicted as to what to order. Any recommendations on whether the tasting menu is worth the extra cost over the 3-course selections? We rarely splurge, so when we do we generally do tasting menus, but in these economic times (blah blah blah)...
Also curious about whether they have wine pairings to go with the tasting menu, or if the sommelier will do that ad hoc.
Thank you for your help!

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  1. So which did you end up doing? Tasting or 3-course? Going the end of the month and I have the same question.

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      Sorry I didn't see this earlier, as I assume you've already gone. I have to tell you, our experience was SO disappointing. We ended up having the tasting menu, and had the sommelier pair wines with each course. Regardless of the man seated directly next to us in an otherwise largely empty restaurant who really enjoyed hearing himself speak loudly, I felt as though the whole meal was some sort of joke.

      The first course should have been a warning to just leave. It arrived looking like only a big pile of "sea water" foam. We were given a spoon to eat it, and ended up having to eat mouthfuls of foam just to see what was beneath it. I could tell it was something large, but couldn't pick it up through the foam with my spoon, and certainly couldn't cut it with the utensil. After clearing enough foam to see that it was an oyster and uni beneath it, they were delicious - the true essence of the ocean - but it wasn't exactly what I was craving following the cup of foamed sea water I had just eaten. The sparkling wine served with the course was a high point, but that was pretty much the end of the wine pairings enhancing the meal, as the rest just left us shaking our heads in confusion.

      If you want to experience cerebral cooking with no soul for astronomical prices, go to Corton. If you want everything to have yuzu in it and taste the same, this place is for you! I will say that the John Dory was delicious, but that was only before I had it with the paired wine, then it was buried.

      It was the most expensive meal we've ever had for two people in the city (nearly $800 all said and done), and the most disappointing. Go to WD-50 for half that price and a far better experience. Dewy's wine pairings are immaculate and I don't even have to mention Wylie's cooking. Maybe Corton was just having an off night, but I sure with it wouldn't have been the night that I dropped almost 1/2 a month's rent on it.

      239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

      1. re: midtownfoodie

        I agree with midtown on Corton. What a dissapointment it was for us too.

        When we went in the fall the place was filled. The food wasn't bad but I felt like I was eating in a clinic. The ambiance was not warm. And some of the diners a bit pretencious.

        I used to love when that space when it was Montrachet years ago. It used to be one of the best restaurants in NY at the time. With Nieporent's <sp> Mom greeting diners when walking in. Ahhhh, memories.