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Dec 30, 2009 08:22 AM

Corn Beef Hash

Hello fellow chow Hounders,

For all of you north of Augusta I found some very good corn beef hash at a Very Small spot in Winterport Maine.

Old standby breakffast spot under new owner ship. Rise and shine Cafe on Rt 1 Winterport.

Menu is very basic eggs, pancakes and coffee spot. Years ago the made an awsome (although artery clogging) breakfat meat entree called the "sampler". I remember it fondley after a hard Friday night on the town you could settle you stomach with coffee and grease. Eggs, bacon, homefies,sausage, cornbeef hash grilled biscut (quartered)....and if you wanted the full effect baked beans on the side.

Sad to say the new place did not have the sampler on the menu....but with prices the way they are these days it would probably be $15 not the $6 i remember. I never did understand how they put up that breakfast so cheap.

So I opted for the cornbeef hash hash and over easy eggs as the hash was on the menu as homemade.

I was very happy with the choice. Hash was very similar the the famous spot up the road a bit Dysarts (my previous favoirite hash). My first bite I was sure they had Dysarts recipie.....and they very well may have....but did a little bit better job. Had a nice flalvor and was very moist on the interior with a wonderful on the grill crust. Got a grilled biscut too that could have been a little lighter...but was certaily acceptable. Mother got the blueberry pancakes and they came out with a good amount of fruit in them and she was happy.

Coffee was better than average.

Its small but comfortable.

Go for the hash.

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  1. If you are ever in the Portland area, the best cornbeef hash we have had was at the Miss Portland Diner, 140 Marginal Way. Very rich, can easily share. Part of the building is an old railroad dining car with an addition of probably another 12 tables or booths. Family friendly. Good service.

    1. Thanks for the tips. Always looking for some good homemade hash. Try the Purple cow in Fairfield some morning..............

      1. When it reopens, Chester Pike's Galley on Rt. 1 in Sullivan has the best hash I've ever eaten. Ninty per cent corned beef, ten percent the rest. Their Lobster Benedict otta be illegal. Martha's in Ellsworth has good hash too, and Riverside on Main.
        The is a brand new resto., The Sullivan Cafe on Rt 1 too. Will try it soon. duffy's on Rt. 1 in Orland is very good too. And then there's Just Barb's...Boy are we lucky! Places like these are being replaced by Dunkin Donuts in civilization.