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New Year's Day downtown

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So we decided to skip the festivities on New Year's Eve and start our celebration downtown for brunch on New Year's Day. Does anyone have some good ideas as to where to go? I was thinking more along Rittenhouse Square area. I did find this posting on Foobooz, which a a great start:


Does anyone have anything to add to this list?

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  1. Got the following tweet from Steven Starr resaurants:
    Keep the New Year’s party alive! Starr Restaurants are open New Year’s Day. Brunch@ Jones, lunch@ Pizzeria Stella, Dinner@ Butcher & Singer.
    Not sure if any of them work for you, but most are close to Rittenhouse! Just steer clear of McGillians Pub (or others like it) as many "parade-watchers" start their New Years days there at 8am... it can get ugly quick! :)