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Dec 30, 2009 07:38 AM

Looking for Boston Lunch Spot with Neighborhood Charm

A friend from Worcester and I will be going to lunch in Boston on Saturday and we're looking for a moderately priced spot in a neighborhood that offers good people watching and window shopping. We enjoy the Franklin Cafe very much, but it's not open for lunch.

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  1. The Beacon Hill Bistro on Charles St. I've only been once years ago but it gets good reviews here and it's on arguably the street with the "prettiest" shopping in town.

    1. I would suggest any or all of the quaint restaurants that line Charles St. in Beacon Hill...

      1. I'm not a great fan of Newbury Street restaurants, but a few that are open on Saturday that have good food, fine views of the street, and decent prices:

        La Voile -- charming traditional Proven├žal French restaurant, not quite the bargain it was when it opened, but still one of the better kitchens on Newbury. Service is rather French, which is to say, harried-seeming even when the place is slow, occasionally brusque.

        Pazzo -- Italian from Bill Bradley with a broad menu: small plates, pizzette, pastas (a strength), entrees. Very good.

        Tapeo -- not the best Spanish restaurant in Boston, but decent-enough tapas, paella, and a few other entree-sized dishes. Excellent sangria.

        Sonsie -- another place that could be better and more consistent, but I think weekend brunch / lunch is its long suit, and the cafe part with tables facing the French doors that front the restaurant is comfy and matchless for people-watching.