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Dec 30, 2009 07:37 AM

Hellooo Toronto - please indulge me in a wee little "what's new" catch-up!

Hi all - I can't believe I've been off this board for a few months. Busy, busy, busy but I have really missed all of you and your chowish insights. Thankfully, I've enjoyed a few great meals in the midst of my crazy life - a lovely romantic dinner with stellar service at Delux and a seriously kick-ass thin crusted funghi pizza and funky atmosphere at Buca are the standouts. And I see that Guu has finally opened - yes!! - I will be hitting it up this week for sure.

Any other newish notables? Is Union good? Watusy?

Also, any suggestions for where to go for a good brekkie (not hotel, not buffet, kid-friendly) on New Year's Day? Lady Marmalade?

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Hey, PP, welcome back!

    My vote new(ish) and notable goes to Negroni:

    And yes, I've enjoyed Lady Marmalade for breakfast the 3 times I've been there (not so much the weird orange cream sauce they put on the waffle, though -- ick). Fun and funky, both in atmosphere and in menu options. Definitely kid friendly.

    1. Hi peppermint pate! Union is good -- as long as expectations are kept in check. More of a neighbourhood restaurant than a destination. Chef focuses on very simple, locally sourced cuisine. All the food during my experiences was very well executed.

      Petit Dejeuner or Gayley's on Dundas West are my go-to brunch/brekkie places. I enjoyed Lady Marmalade the one time I've been there as well.

      1. If you hit up Lady Marmalade, make sure you get their Baja Bowl!!

        This is a dish that I always order and regret not ordering when I get something else.

        --- -- food. is. love.

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          My most impressive recent ones.....Buca was very good. Polenta was outstanding. My best of the year was Local. The owners/staff are passionate and having fun. Best charcuterie plate I've had in the city so far, rabbit stuffed olives were delicious.

        2. hi pp!
          have you been to harlem?...not necessarily new but definitely notable...
          hope you're well!
          p.s. suzie & ray say hi!

          1. Hi all - thanks for the rec's. We did end up going to Lady Marmalade on New Years Day which was very satisfying - really good eggs miga and poached eggs blt, credible eggs benny and tasty french toast, so-so americano (rectified by a walk to Dark Horse afterwards) - random weird thing is that they only serve their eggs poached or one other way, scrambled maybe (but not sunny side up). We also went to Guu - I'll post a response on Bok Choi's thread but in a word (or two) - LOVED IT!!!

            TorontoJo - hi!! - I remember reading about Negroni a while back. I read the thread you linked, sounds like a great lunch spot, will definitely put it on my list.

            Yum2myTum - thanks for the info on Union - when we walked by after our dinner at Delux, the front room/bar looked quite hopping and good atmosphere, menu looks good - I'd like to try it one time. I have to try Petit Dejeuner again as so many on this board recommend it - the one time I went there, about 4 years ago, I was completely underwhelmed. What/where is gayley's?

            jlunar - "baja bowl" is right up my alley in terms of flavours, but not for brekkie - I will have to stop in there for lunch one time and try it.

            CamD - so glad you mentioned Local. I remember reading a review on it not that long ago - was it Joanne Kates - and it looked exactly like the kind of spot I love. But try googling it - what is the exact name and do you know if they have a website? I loved my one dinner at Buca (polenta was very good, pizza was out of the park) and I'm heading back there next week.

            todc1996 - ha - "marshmallow boys" still talk about you - I've driven past Harlem many times but never tried it. What dishes do you like there?

            Thanks again. The Toronto resto scene is as good as ever - looking forward to another year of chowing together.