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Dec 30, 2009 07:07 AM

Woburn area dinner ideas (near Showcase Cinemas)

Does anyone have non-chain dining ideas for Woburn (near Showcase Cinema)?
I have read mixed things about the Korean BBQ Restaurant. Ideally I would like a resonable Korean or Japanese restaurant.


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  1. Sichuan Garden Ii

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    1. Or drive up 38 a bit more to the Pho vietnamese place in North Woburn, across from the fire station...

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        There's also a Brazilian bbq, Churrascaria Rodeo, on 38 across 128 past Sichuan Garden and Pho 1. For good Japanese, Sushi Island in Wakefield is not too far away, and as good as you'll find.

      2. There is also Taipei Tokoyo in Woburn Sq. but I have not been

        1. I would second the Sichuan Garden just because of the food and the proximity to the Woburn Cinemas but if you don't mind a short drive I would strongly suggest Sushi Island in Wakefield Center for top notch Japanese fare. It's probably a 20 min drive from the Woburn area.

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            one additional vote for sichuan garden.

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              I second Sushi Island ..and its no more than 10 minutes away.

            2. Pho 1 in Woburn is excellent. It's about a mile north of the Showcase Cinema.

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                Between the two is Lanna Thai, in a tiny but authentic former dining car. Not what you are looking for, but according to posts a few years ago, the fries at the Roast Beef Roundup, also on 38 just north of 128, are worth a special trip.