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Dec 30, 2009 06:49 AM

(MSP) - Grits

I grew up in the South and have grown to love grits. I know there are quite a few people who don't like them, but there are many who do. It is a comfort food for me. I'm looking for a place that serves them for breakfast or brunch.... actually, I could eat them anytime of the day so just someone who serves a good food and has grits on the menu as well.

So far I have tried the grits from Cheeky Monkey, Brasa and Craftsman. I am not a fan of the grits from Brasa, I think they are just a little too rich for me. Cheeky Monkey so far has the best grits with the butter and bits of bacon. Sometimes the mascarpone cheese can be overbearing, but otherwise it is good. I just went to Craftsman this last weekend for brunch and got theirs, I think it comes down to the same issue with Brasa's... just a little rich. I grew up on classic grits and not a big fan of these hearty, "gourmet" grits. I can make them at home (which I do), but it is nice to just go out sometimes and see be able to get a good meal.

*All my opinions. If you enjoy the grits in these places that is good. The food in these places I do enjoy, just speaking my opinion on one item.

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  1. I'm also a grits fan. I had some good ones at Red Stag Supper Club recently. Looks like they offer them at Brunch, too.

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    1. re: Uisge

      That is a place I haven't been yet. I will add that to my list and try to go there soon.

    2. I also grew up on grits (in Texas) of the white hominy variety. Most places in town serving grits are serving yellow (polenta style) grits, which, while good, are not the grits of my youth. Red Stag, La Grasa and Brasa fall into this category.

      Of the top of my head, the only place I've eaten hominy grits recently was Lurcat (with cheese and chive), however they do not serve brunch.

      Surely there is a diner in town that serves hominy grits, and I could swear I've seen it on other breakfast menus.

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        The odds of getting grits for breakfast are probably greater today in MSP than when I first moved here in the 70s. Same with black eyed peas. At one time the only place I found grits was at a Shoney's and that was in Hudson, WI (long since closed).

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          Getting them for brunch I guess isn't that big of a deal for me, just finding a place that serves good ones is the major thing. I've lived in mostly southern states in my life (TX, NM, SC, GA) so good ole white grits are what I am use to. I will try out Lurcat as well.

          I will say the best ones I have had so far were at the MN State Fair (yes really at the fair.) They were served in the Bazarr by West Indies Soul. Surprisingly though, I don't see them on their menu (unless I have overlooked them.) But they were well cooked white grits in a bowl on top of a slice of cheese... simple, yet delicous.

          1. re: Matronix

            You might consider calling W.I.S. and asking if it's ever something they do as a lunch special...


        2. Longfellow Grill has a wonderful duck and grits appetizer, it is even half price during Happy Hour. They also serve the same dish at Edina Grill.

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            I don't know if this counts, but in the realm of fried grits (slices of already cooked, cooled grits that are fried and crispy on the outside) my favorite dish at Rainbow Noodle House is called 'turnip cake'. Sounds bizarre but it is a white grit-like thing, about a /12 inch thick, with turnip and rice flour in it, that is fried with eggs, and served with a yummy ponzu type sauce. Major Chinese comfort food!

          2. The Craftsman in Mpls has the best grits I've ever had. They're real grits, not instant grits and not like polenta....I don't care for the ones at Brasa. They have the right amount of salt and butter already added....they're delicious. They serve Fischer Farm bacon which is also to die for... I believe they serve breakfast only on Sunday??

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            1. re: smwagne3

              Agreed! The grits were the best part of my brunch on Sunday. (Although I have been craving the bacon as well.)

              1. re: njk

                Could someone do a quick breakdown on the difference between grits and undercooked (ie not set up) polenta? Just curious. Thanks!

                1. re: misterpatrick

                  Grits and polenta are the the same, except grits are a courser grind.

                  1. re: misterpatrick

                    There is no difference between set polenta and porridge-style polenta besides time and temperature.

                    There is however a difference between types of grits. White grits have had the hull removed, whereas polenta (yellow grits) have the hull intact. Think brown rice vs white rice.

                    Hominy grits are white and have been soaked in lye or some other alkaloid to make them easier to grind (among other reasons).

              2. Cracker Barrel has grits. There's one on I-35, exit 85, in Lakeville.