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Dec 30, 2009 06:44 AM

Tavern on the Green - Its all over

In 2 days TOTG will serve its last meal. Just three years ago, it was plating more than 700,000 meals annually, bringing in more than $38 million.

Love it or hate it, it was part of NYC for 75 years. Hopefully the new place will have better food and more understated decor.

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  1. TOTG is (was?) a tourist trap. I ate there once in the late eighties and to this day can remember how bad the food was. But get someone on their first trip to NYC and TOTG is high on their list of places to go. But yes, the end of an era.

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    1. re: MandalayVA

      place creeps me out to be completely honest.

    2. I thought they had already closed. Hopefully whatever comes in next will be better.

      1. The food, indeed, wasn't very good in the late '80s. It did get a bit better, but not much.

        They seemed to do best when giving a catered affair. And I've attended some memorable affairs there.

        I've read all about the guy who runs the boat house and his plans for the place. For me, however, it just won't have the charm of the old place. I think that those who will be able to buy the decorations and fixtures at auction have a unique opportunity on their hands.

        I shudder to think what the new operator's going to do to the place. We can only hope it will be done tastefully.

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          I went to a wedding there once and found the food to be pretty mediocre (hors d'oeuvres weren't bad, but entrees were downright terrible.) Either way not a big loss for NYC culinary scene.

          1. I ate there for the first time this year (father-in-law booked a reservation without asking first). The food was laughably bad, the service was even worse, but I was still glad to have gone. It was like stepping into a time machine... nothing had chance in decades. It was like going to Disney World. I'd never complain about the food at Disney, you're just along for the ride.