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Dec 30, 2009 06:12 AM

Eats on the way from NYC to PIT?

Driving from New York to the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow (12/31) daytime. Anything worth stopping for on the way, or near the airport if I end up with extra time? Expecting to take the I-78/I-76 route, quick preferred over sit-down.

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  1. Charlie's Pool room in Alpha, NJ right off of route 78. Best hot dog place ever!

    1. Charlie's while reccomended and unique, will not be quick. All hot dogs are grilled to order.
      A quicker (albeit not as good )dog place would be yocco's off the route 100 exit of I78 west of Allentown.
      On your way back Dietrich's meatsin Krumsville (visible from I-78) is highly reccomended for sausage and other Pennsylvania Dutch items.

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        Totally forgot about Yocca's, great dog place! Also in clinton NJ, (exit 29 on 78?) there is the Clinton Station Diner, which is a pretty good traditional diner. It is right off the highway as well.

        1. re: brookquarry

          Good to know - dogs sound like a good idea. Unfortunately I think we'll be going back through Scranton and miss I-78 but that's a good consideration.

        2. There's a bunch of restaurants near the Pgh airport - off I-279 (Parkway West) near Robinson Town Center. You'll be, oh, 10-15 min from the airport (locals, please forgive/correct me, I grew up in the eastern 'burbs). Last time I was there, food options included Quaker Steak and Lube and Max and Erma's (both sit-down), as well as some fast food.